Simplify Data Privacy Regulatory Compliance

Comply with global data privacy regulations, at scale.

Data Sentinel persistently tracks PII/PCI/PHI data throughout the enterprise delivering precise location and severity of personal information in all data types.  Data Sentinel also offers the ability to automate and manage your DSAR (Data Subject Access Requests) across your enterprise using a simplified and user-friendly dashboard.  Our DSAR solution delivers the needed capabilities to deploy, manage and monitor DSAR processing while enabling integration to all of your data stores which enables compliance.

Data Privacy Regulatory Compliance
and DSAR Automation

‍Data Sentinel helps automate compliance with consumer data privacy regulations such as CCPA, GDPR, HIPAA and PIPEDA. Data Sentinel supports regulated businesses in industries such as financial services and healthcare, by ensuring the accuracy and validity of a corporation's data holdings.  

CCPA/GDPR compliance

Consumer data privacy regulations are evolving across the globe, exposing organizations to new challenges and risks. The ever increasing volume of data held by companies has made data management and the ethical use of the data near impossible to govern. With these two factors combined, organizations are automating data governance, data management, and sensitive data privacy to the greatest degree possible.

The costs associated with non-compliance and/or a data breach are significant and can have a material impact on a company. Broadly, the costs categories are:

How Data Sentinel helps?
DSAR automation, deep discovery, compliance management

Data Sentinel provides you with a simple, low cost DSAR management portal, linked to the power of our deep discovery engine, to provide a complete end to end DSAR automated process. At the push of a button, Data Sentinel works within your data to identify and report on all data related to a subject. Providing you with the ability to comply with total confidence.

Data Sentinel helps you answer the following questions, rapidly and with confidence:

Data Sentinel discovers all of your sensitive PII/PCI/PHI data, presenting you with a live map of all of your personal data assets, allowing you to report on, investigate and remediate the exposure rapidly, though our graph based visualization technology.

​Integrate Data Sentinel with your data governance and remediation technologies to further automate the compliance process.  

​With Data Sentinel, you can persistently monitor your organization's data holdings for breaches in policy. A breach in policy could be either where sensitive data resides or where it's moving from and to within the company, alerting you to potential malicious activity.  

Automate data subject requests (DSAR) and do deep discovery for all information assets related to a data subject. Data Sentinel goes well beyond the data element, and looks at the context of the information, providing a truly deeper level of data subject discovery and enabling full disclosure.

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