Powerful Data Quality Audit

Data Sentinel data quality is a cloud native data quality audit technology that can be deployed anywhere in hours. Based on our architecture and the core technology, the platform will out perform any current tools on the market by a significant margin. Speed of deployment and execution is coupled with accuracy informed by our decades in the data quality industry.  Get up and running in hours. No complex system implementation, configuration or rules creation.

Core Functionality

Data Sentinel Quality (DSQ) automatically identifies critical data quality anomalies in your data. No Configuration. No Manual Rules. Up and running with hours and allowing you to focus on remediation

Data standardization

DSQ identifies critical data elements in your data source and looks for the structure of disperate data elements that should convert into a common data format.

Duplicate records

Duplicate records have direct impact to your business. It might be exact duplicates or fuzzy duplicates. DSQ automatically finds and exposed them for your action.


Multiplicity is the duplication of one data point with respect to another variable. It is a complicated version of duplicates that are normally ignored by human rules.

Data completeness

Completeness of critical data elements are essential for analysis or actions. It is not just the missing data but also the expected format of the critical data.


Reasonability is the logical mapping of multiple critical data points and the anomalies that exist in them. These are extremely difficult to find manually, however easy to find with DSQ.

Extract rules

Data Sentinel has developed a proprietary method of identifying the business rules that exist in your data set. Surprisingly, most data has more rules than expected.

Rapid deployment, anywhere

Data Sentinel Quality can be deployed on the cloud or on premises with the same rapid speed. You can be up and running in hours with little to no configuration required. You can start auditing your data for accuracy, completeness, reliability and relevance the all within hours of activation.

Run, review, rectify

Identify or define the data source, run the engine against the one of multiple sources at a time. Data Sentinel Quality will create outputs complete with details of key areas requiring remediation. Fix the issues on the fly and validate the changes. Simple, fast, reliable steps to better data.

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