Resolving Entities in Your Data

Hidden PI Clustering is essential for higher quality analytics, reporting and compliance. We create the most complete and accurate views of people, organizations and relationships from all of your data. Data Sentinel clustering capability enhances your DSAR compliance by virtually eliminating false positives and negatives in your data. Our software autonomously discovers common entities and relationships within your data to provide you with a complete inventory of every record related to each person or company.

Purpose-built AI

Designed for entity resolution, gets smarter over time.

Real-time operations

Adds, changes, queries and maintenance in sub-seconds.

Minimal data preparation

Maps messy and structurally inconsistent data in minutes.

Privacy by design

Built-in Privacy by Design principles protect your data.

Speed and scalability

Unmatched performance and scalability to billions of records.

Relationship aware

Discovers who is related to who, including families and networks.

Better outcomes

Data Sentinel produces superior results than and other systems in our market. Culturally-aware name matching, entity-centric learning and non-obvious relationship awareness are some of the powerful features that result in higher quality business decisions and outcomes.

Rapid ROI

Most organizations realize an ROI within the first year, some in less than 30 days. Data Sentinel PI Clustering achieves significant cost savings because few analysts are required to chase down false positives, no unique expertise is required to run and tune the system, fewer engineers are required to cleanse, prepare and tag data.

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