The Case For Sensitive Data Management

Avg. US Data Breach Cost
Cost per Record
Impact of Reputation Damage
Improved Customer Retention

Minimize the risk of breach

In order to protect your company against the risk of a data breach, the first step is to know exactly what sensitive data you have and where it is. Enabling you to understand who has access to it and if it is protected. Data Sentinel helps you find and track those sensitive data assets across all of your systems, in structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data, across all cloud and on premises data holdings.

Once you have discovered and classified your sensitive data, Data Sentinel will persistently watch your data and report on data usage or placement that is against policy, triggering alarms or remediation action in near real time.

What is the value of your risk? 

Data Sentinel calculates the value of your sensitive data risk in near real time, providing you with the ability to understand a more complete picture of your company's risk exposure. The Data Sentinel engine is constantly evaluating the value of data risk based on a detailed portfolio of industry standard metrics, measured against your actual data holdings at a regional and global level.

GRC integration

You can integrate Data Sentinel into your enterprise GRC platform to add the new dimension of sensitive data risk to the overall company risk profile. Integrations and accelerators are prebuilt for IBM OpenPages and ServiceNow GRC. Because Data Sentinel is completely open and extensible, it can be integrated into any GRC platform.

All data types, all locations

Data Sentinel can access and scan the most data sources of any technology in our industry. Including structured, unstructured and semi-structured data types. Data Sentinel is a cloud native technology that can be deployed on any containerized platform, including on premises and in mutli-cloud environments.

Complex, massive data holdings

Data Sentinel has been architected from the ground up to be performant against the largest and most complex data holdings in existence. The distributed architecture and GPU enabled core engine allow the platform to be infinitely scalable both horizontally and vertically. No data holding is to large or complex.

What is sensitive data to your organization?

Financial Data

Data Sentinel can be tuned to find and track your sensitive operational and financial data. Making sure that it stays secure within the systems and data holdings that are within policy.

Personal Information

Out of the box, Data Sentinel is tuned to discover PII, PCI and PHI information, in the context of its use and measured against your business rules and data policies.  Automate DSAR processes.

Company IP

Know if and when highly sensitive information about your company's intellectual property is inappropriately stored or moved within the company's data holdings.

Employee Data

Ensure that sensitive employee data doesn't make its way into places that it shouldn't be. Compensation details, employment records, personal information can be tracked and controlled.

Understand Your Real Risk.

Data Sentinel sensitive data risk Audit will quickly provide you with a detailed understanding of the financial risk represented by your data. Your financial risk calculation will be based on the actual findings in your data, measured using industry and country real world breach costs. Providing your company with a complete understanding of your real risk.

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