Sensitive Information Intelligence

Protect Your Sensitive Data

Fuel Innovation and Growth 

Data Sentinel is a sensitive information intelligence platform that persistently discovers, classifies, inventories and measures sensitive information risk while enabling the governed use of your data assets for innovation and growth. All in the context of your business and your information management policies.


AI/ML Deep Data Discovery

Know what's in your data

Data Sentinel deep discovery understands your data within the context of your business and data management policies. Not simply the data element, but also the context that the data element is used within.


With Data Sentinel, you can scan any data type, at rest and in motion within the enterprise. Empowering your team with complete visibility and control over your information assets.

Persistently and automatically measure and report on your ongoing sensitive data risk, while being confident that your data is well governed and is being leveraged to help you to grow your business. 

How Can Data Sentinel Help? 

Risk Reporting and Management of all Sensitive Data

Data Sentinel runs persistently in the enterprise, discovering, classifying, tagging and reporting on the risk of your sensitive data holdings. You can apply and manage risk policies within Data Sentinel or within your policy management system. Risk measurements are displayed within Data Sentinel and can be integrated into your risk management or GRC platform. Remediation actions are managed through integrations with your data management and data governance systems. In some cases, the financial value of your sensitive data risk can be calculated, understood and reported as part of an overall corporate risk management program. 

Simplify DSR Management and Reporting

Consumer Data Privacy legislation has imposed strict guidelines on companies, making the automation of the Data Subject Request process imperative. Data Sentinel does the hard work of identifying all information related to a data subject within all of your data holdings and consolidates the information in an easy to use and understand interface. Data Sentinel has been designed to be integrated with your Data Privacy Management applications to further automate the reporting, correction and deletion of the data subject's information.     

Empower Your Knowledge Workers, Enable the Data Driven Business

Data Sentinel offers a new paradigm, enabling an organization with the ability to effectively and ethically leverage your data assets based on their value to the organization, not just physical characteristics. Data Sentinel inventories your complete data holdings. Structured, unstructured, and semi-structured across all systems within your enterprise. Empowering your knowledge workers with the full scope of your company's data assets and supporting the growth of a data driven business. We integrate with all major data catalog and data governance technologies in the market, providing the most robust data inventory and tracking system in the world. 

Quickly and Easily Manage Data Policies for Usage and Quality

Data Sentinel can easily ingest and leverage your data management policies to monitor data usage and the consistency, accuracy, completeness and validity of your data, persistently and in the context of your business. Monitor the quality of your data over time, reporting on improvement or degradation, enabling proactive / automated remediation. Data Sentinel also ingests your data quality rules, ensuring that quality is in the context of your business.  

Enable Active Data Governance

With Data Sentinel, you will know at a detailed level that your data governance program is functioning as it was intended. That your business rules and data policies are being adhered to and maintained. Automatically discover and be alerted to data placement and usage anomalies. Discover and maintain your data inventory and the business significance of the data – not just the technical characteristics. Integrate Data Sentinel with your data governance and data catalog technologies to enable a common view of all data management variables. Data Sentinel integrates with the market leading data governance technologies, including IBM, Collibra, Informatica and Talend. 


What is Sensitive Data To You?

Data Sentinel is tuned to align with your business requirements and data management policies. 


Data Sentinel can be tuned to find and track your sensitive operational and financial data. Making sure that it stays secure within the systems and data holdings that are within policy.  


Out of the box, Data Sentinel is tuned to discover PII and PHI information, in the context of its use and measured against your business rules and data policies.  Simplifying DSR processes.

Company IP

Know if and when highly sensitive information about your company's intellectual property is inappropriately stored or moved within the company's data holdings. 


Ensure that sensitive employee data doesn't make its way into places that it shouldn't be. Compensation details, employment records, personal information can be tracked and controlled.

Why Data Sentinel?

Advanced Technology

Data Sentinel has been purpose built with current AI and ML deep learning on a secure and scalable microservices architecture, ensuring the most performant and flexible platform deployment in the industry. Data Sentinel can be deployed within the data center, on your cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP and IBM), or on your Hadoop cluster. Our decoupled discovery engines can be deployed where the data resides. 

Unbeatable Performance 

Data Sentinel has been designed and architected to handle the largest data holdings in existence. It's been built using the fastest data processing engine in the industry and leverages a decoupled discovery engine architecture. Installing the discovery engine where the data resides and centralizing the reporting and integration engine allows our customers to achieve the performance measures needed to discovery all of your data, not a subset or sample.   

Infinitely Scalable

Distributed engines work where the data lives. There is no limit to the number of discovery engines that can be deployed, making Data Sentinel infinitely scalable. The system can profile/scan data at speeds that allow large data volumes to be processed in fractions of the time that it takes other tools. Data Sentinel has been purpose designed and built to handle petabytes of data.

Open and Customizable 

Installs in minutes and can integrate with your data management and governance technologies, including but not limited to IBM, Informatica, Talend, Collibra and Alation. Data Sentinel also integrates with data privacy compliance technologies such as OneTrust, TrustArc, RSA and IBM. Understand a true picture of enterprise risk by integrating Data Sentinel with your GRC platform. Providing a complete discovery, remediation, reporting and non-financial risk management solution for the enterprise. 





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