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Protect your Sensitive Data,
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Data Sentinel is an enterprise sensitive data management platform that leverages our deep learning technology to identify, inventory, classify and tag sensitive data; rate the level of sensitivity in financial terms; uncover duplicate data; audit data quality; measure data risk; automate DSAR; enable active data governance. All at the speed of your data.

Know What's In Your Data

Deep Learning = Deep Data Discovery

Data Sentinel is a modern platform developed with AI/ML to automate the once manual processes of data processing. Data Sentinel is built on deep learning which enables the solution to validate a wide variety of data types at the highest levels of performance.

Near Real Time Monitoring

Persistently and automatically measure and report on your compliance and sensitive data risk. Measure adherence to your data governance policies and data quality rules in near real-time. When exceptions are discovered, you can choose to automate remediation processes or trigger alarms.

Built For The Enterprise

Data Sentinel is an infinitely scalable, cloud native technology that has been built to scan petabytes of data at speeds never before seen in our industry. No data set is too large or complex. Discover all data, structured, unstructured, semi-structured. Connect to all sources, on premises or the cloud.

How Data Sentinel Helps

Sensitive Data Management

Reduce your risk
Deploy data risk policies, measure the value of data risk, control sensitive data assets for breach and audit protection.
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Active Data Governance

Actively monitor your data governance program
Monitor data usage and placement and measure against policies as an active service. Grade the effectiveness of data governance policies.
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DSAR Automation

Comply with global data privacy regulations, at scale
Track and audit industry compliance, monitor PII/PHI data propagation and automate DSAR compliance processes.
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Data Inventory

Understand your data assets. Audit for risk, cloud migration or M&A
Catalog a complete data inventory across all sources and data types, creating a shared understanding of your data assets.
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Data Quality Audit

Measure and audit the quality of your data
Audit data quality and data duplication across all your enterprise data assets, cloud native and also on premises.
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Hidden PI Clustering

Visualize and report on non-obvious PI data relationships across systems
Uncover hidden data relationships using sophisticated entity analysis to group unique relationships with ease.
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What Is Sensitive Data To Your Organization?

Financial Data

Data Sentinel can be tuned to find and track your sensitive operational and financial data. Making sure that it stays secure within the systems and data holdings that are within policy.

Personal Information

Out of the box, Data Sentinel is tuned to discover PII, PCI and PHI information, in the context of its use and measured against your business rules and data policies.  Automating DASR processes.

Company IP

Know if and when highly sensitive information about your company's intellectual property is inappropriately stored or moved within the company's data holdings.

Employee Data

Ensure that sensitive employee data doesn't make its way into places that it shouldn't be. Compensation details, employment records, personal information can be tracked and controlled.

Understand Your Real Risk.

Data Sentinel sensitive data risk Audit will quickly provide you with a detailed understanding of the financial risk represented by your data. Your financial risk calculation will be based on the actual findings in your data, measured using industry and country real world breach costs. Providing your company with a complete understanding of your real risk.

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Why Data Sentinel?

Bringing Sensitive Data Management To The Next Level

Advanced Technology

Data Sentinel has been purpose built with current AI and ML deep learning on a secure and scalable containerized microservices architecture, ensuring the most performant and flexible platform in the industry.

Hybrid Deployment Architecture

Data Sentinel can be deployed within the data center, on your cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP and IBM), or on your Hadoop cluster. Our decoupled discovery engines can be deployed where the data resides.

Hardened Discovery Engines

The Data Sentinel discovery engines have been proven on some of the most complex and massive data holdings imaginable. Petabytes of structured, unstructured and semi-structured data.

Infinitely Scalable

Distributed discovery and analytics engines work where the data lives. There is no limit to the number of engines that can be deployed, making Data Sentinel infinitely scalable.

Open and Customizable

Installs in minutes and is integrable with your data management, data governance, and data privacy business process technologies. Deliver a true picture of enterprise risk by integrating Data Sentinel with your GRC platform.

Service and Support

Our dedicated team of deployment and support professionals have decades of data governance, data management and data privacy consulting experience to support our partners and customers pre and post sale.

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