Data Classification

The First Step to Trusting your Data

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Data Classification - The First Step to Trusting your Data

In order to be compliant with data privacy laws, regulations and data management policies, and to protect your organization against sensitivity risk, a foundational first step is classifying your data. Knowing what data you have, where it is, its value and risk, and how it should be protected is a crucial step in ensuring that your data is correct, compliant, and secure.

The implementation of a robust data classification technology and methodology can be a challenge. This is a problem that Data Sentinel was engineered to address with speed and accuracy. Data Classification is the first step in the implementation of your data privacy program or a privacy impact assessment.

Data Sentinel helps you discover, classify, and maintain your organization’s data across all sources and systems - including structured, unstructured, and semi-structured formats. Especially when you're dealing with terabytes or even petabytes of data, traditional solutions are not an option. Solve the problem quickly and accurately with advanced machine learning data classification technology from Data Sentinel.

Data Sentinel has unmatched performance and speed, especially when dealing with significantly large data holdings; with a 98.5% accuracy in data classification. Every organization’s data is different, thus off-the-shelf classification will not work. At Data Sentinel, we provide a customizable classification engine which allows you to tailor the classification for your specific data needs.

Data Classification
Unmatched Accuracy

Data classification with a 98.5% accuracy rate

Data Classification
All data, all the time

All data classification is constantly monitored and updated, all the time

Data Classification
Completely Customizable

Your organization's data is unique. Data Sentinel's classifications are 100% customizable to your data.

Data Classification
Technology, people and process

Get the outcomes you need, without expensive software subscriptions

Data Classification
Any data, any location

All sources and systems; structured, unstructured, and semi-structured formats

Data Classification
Know your data

Automated data mapping provides a detailed inventory of all of your data

How trustworthy is your data?
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About Data Sentinel

Protect, Comply, Govern, and Grow with Trusted Data

Data Sentinel is a data trust and compliance platform that helps businesses continuously manage their data privacy compliance, governance, and quality in real time. Data Sentinel’s proprietary deep learning discovery technology illuminates the true nature of an organization’s data across all sources and systems, monitoring, measuring, and remediating the data to ensure compliance with company policies and evolving data management privacy regulations.

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