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Data compliance for financial and insurance businesses. Protect sensitive data and information, and stay compliant with financial services regulations with a solution that’s adaptive to your needs.

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Data monetization and data protection in sync

Within the financial and insurance industries, businesses handle an ever-increasing body of sensitive data which must be stored and used in accordance with multiple security regulations. From banks and building societies, to investment firms and insurance brokers, there’s an array of client and corporate data that is one of the greatest assets maintained by these companies. These data assets need to be known, measured, and monitored to be fully monetized and protected. Protect your sensitive information, quantify your data metrics, and measure your data asset and risk in near real time with Data Sentinel.

The data risks inherent to financial services

Financial data is sensitive. It is personal and highly regulated. But it’s also the differentiator between a firm’s success, and their stagnation.

Banks, credit unions, credit card brands, trading, and securities firms handle more data than ever. Along with the monetary transactional data handled, they’re also in control of bank account details, PCI, SSNs, passwords and other PII information. Unsurprisingly, the value of this information is highly lucrative for cybercriminals. Attacks directed at the financial services industry account for 25% of all attacks worldwide.

Full Data Visibility

Industry regulations

The financial services industry is subject to many regulations and guidelines. It must keep pace with rapidly evolving domestic and international regulating bodies. Staying compliant, secure, and adaptable is a difficult, near impossible problem to solve without automation.


Enforcing the security and confidentiality of private financial information’s collection, use, and storage.


Federal regulation ensuring firms uphold adequate protection and management of financial records, data protection policies, and reporting structures. The bill looks to enforce mitigation of fraudulent and malicious risk.


A set of requirements regulating the transmission, storage, use, and protection of personal credit card information.  

Various Data Privacy Regulations

Country by country and state by state data privacy and protection regulations with the goal of protecting consumers privacy and giving them transparent control of how their data is used, and who has access to it.

Align your privacy, compliance, and governance programs

Enable Data Sentinel within your systems to discover, classify, inventory, and quantify your data metrics automatically and persistently. Ensure compliance and foster business growth with better insight into the information that helps run your company. Read between the lines of your data to influence better decision-making processes.  


Get a rapid, simple, low cost, audit of your data — ‘as a service’. Baseline your data's risk, privacy, compliance, sensitivity exposure, and quality.


Generate a full data asset catalog and use sensitive data aware inventory for cloud migrations, M&A, audits, or risk assessments.


Resolve data privacy and sensitive data exposure issues in near real time. Data Sentinel can take a number of automated actions to ensure compliance.


Comply with global data privacy regulations, at scale. Data Sentinel persistently tracks all PII/PCI/PHI data —all data types across any organization.


Know your data risk in near realtime, measured financially using Data Sentinel’s industry first algorithm.


Trust that your data is accurate, complete, reliable and relevant. Enable huge growth potential in your business with top quality data.


Actively monitor your data governance policies. With Data Sentinel, you will know in near real time if your data governance program meets your business expectations. We ensure that your business rules and data policies are being adhered to and maintained.

How trustworthy is your data?
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About Data Sentinel

Protect, Comply, Govern, and Grow with Trusted Data

Data Sentinel is a data trust and compliance platform that helps businesses continuously manage their data privacy compliance, governance, and quality in real time. Data Sentinel’s proprietary deep learning discovery technology illuminates the true nature of an organization’s data across all sources and systems, monitoring, measuring, and remediating the data to ensure compliance with company policies and evolving data management privacy regulations.

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