Data Audit as a Service

Get a rapid, simple, low cost, audit of your data — ‘as a service’. Baseline your data's risk, privacy, compliance, sensitivity exposure, and quality.

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Accurate, rapid, low cost, deep discovery

As a Service, no software to buy

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What is the Data Sentinel Audit as a Service?

The Data Sentinel audit is an “as a Service” solution where we leverage our proprietary technology to automate the investigation of data sources — at scale and in a performant manner.

The audit’s primary goal is to provide insights into your data holdings — in order to quantify and create an initial data inventory. We then detail any privacy and sensitive data concerns, along with any data quality issues, the overall risk rating, and classify the types of data in the data holdings based on your requirements.

This translates to a series of data scans using Data Sentinel’s various capabilities — including Unsupervised, Semi-Supervised and Autonomous Analysis & Data Monitoring — which all follow a well-defined and practiced methodology. 

The deliverables of the service are customizable to your requirements. Areas of customization include the data classifications, the meta data collected, the risk rating engine, data quality rules, privacy policies and data governance policy enhancements.

Audit Deliverables:

The data audit is the first step in your 3 step process towards complete data trust.

  1. Detailed data inventory of target systems
  2. Financial data risk rating
  3. Classified and tagged sensitive data inventory
  4. Data privacy compliance report
  5. Data quality report
  6. ROT (redundant, outdated, or trivial) Analysis report

Our 3 step proven process underpins every successful client outcome.

Our 3 step proven process underpins every successful client outcome.

Out of the box automated audits include but are not limited to:

Data Audit
PCI DSS Automated Data Audit

Investigate your data for PCI DSS controlled elements. Discover, remediate and comply rapidly with 100% accuracy. Prove compliance to both internal and external auditors within days of initiating the audit.

Data Audit
M&A Due Diligence Audit

Data can be an enormous asset, an enormous risk, or a blend of the two. Know what you are buying and the issues that you may need to deal with prior to integrating the data into your organization. Know the value, know the risk, know your position.

Data Audit
Data Privacy Audit

Baseline your organization’s compliance with data privacy regulations. Identify the issues that require remediation and develop the details of your data privacy program with knowledge derived by facts from your data. Know the full extent of your data privacy compliance with regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, CPPA, PCI DSS and HIPAA and more.

Data Audit
Data Quality Audit

Identify data quality problems and remedy them before they become massive issues for your project. Know your gaps, completeness, duplicates, multiplicity, and remediate the challenges, as a service.

Data Audit
Sensitive Data Audit

Sensitive data is more than just PII, PCI, and PHI. Define what sensitive is data to your organization. Data Sentinel is quickly trained to discover and inventory your sensitive information across all of your data holdings. Informing your data protection plan with the true facts about your data. Understand the dollar value of your data risk.

Data Audit
Cloud Migration / Modernization Data Audit

Identify your critical data elements, your PII, PCI, PHI data, and your sensitive data risk, all before migrating to your new application or cloud environment. This allows you to remediate challenges before replicating them in a new environment.

Our Data Audits are designed for companies with all kinds of data challenges. There is no software to buy or license, our audits are automated, rapid, and low cost.

Know your risk — Calculate the costs of a data breach

Protect your company’s data and understand the potential impacts of your data assets using our Data Sentinel Risk Calculator.

How trustworthy is your data?
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Protect, Comply, Govern, and Grow with Trusted Data

Data Sentinel is a data trust and compliance platform that helps businesses continuously manage their data privacy compliance, governance, and quality in real time. Data Sentinel’s proprietary deep learning discovery technology illuminates the true nature of an organization’s data across all sources and systems, monitoring, measuring, and remediating the data to ensure compliance with company policies and evolving data management privacy regulations.

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