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Go beyond avoiding hefty fines. Turn the challenge of PDPL compliance into an opportunity. Simplify your journey with our team of industry veterans, proven & tailored technology and end-to-end strategic advisory capabilities. Exceed adherence, achieve enhancement.

DSAR Fullfillment

Efficiently process Data Subject Access Requests

Automated Data Mapping

Visualize your sensitive data inventory effortlessly

Data Discovery & Classification

Identify and categorize data seamlessly

Risk Assessment

Evaluate and mitigate potential data privacy risks

Consent & Preference Management

Ensure user data preferences are respected

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Zero-Bias AI Models

Ensure fairness in automated decision-making

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Automate Your Privacy Law Compliance At The Push Of A Button

Data Sentinel takes a comprehensive approach to help you discover and classify your PII data accurately, implement and manage privacy compliance processes, automate policy management, and integrate privacy with data governance programs with the following:

Automated Data Mapping

Discover, track, and trace sensitive PII data as it flows around your organization. Data Sentinel’s data mapping offers the necessary reporting and locating information to manage all your sensitive data and PII inventory so you can understand where it flows (including third-party systems) and who can access it while measuring associated risks. Automatically, accurately and in real-time or at specific intervals, enabled by robust custom data classification capabilities.

Data Classification

Accurately classify your data with speed and efficiency. Data Sentinel helps you to address the challenges of implementing a robust classification system to manage significantly large amounts of data with 98.5% accuracy. Discover, classify and maintain your organization’s data across all sources and systems - including structured, unstructured, and semi-structured formats. Data Sentinel’s proprietary classification engine learns your data and customizes classifications uniquely to your data.

Data Subject Access Request (DSAR)

Automate your DSAR processes to quickly and easily access the information you need when you need it. Data Sentinel’s data discovery engine enables you to automate the accurate reporting of PII data related to a data subject, on demand. The platform enables you to complete DSAR requests in a fraction of the time, with precision. The system provides the workflow needed to initiate, track and manage your DSAR processes from start to finish, simply and quickly.

Consent Management

Build trust and enhance transparency with the right consent management processes. Data Sentinel provides you with the ability to collect and maintain explicit and informed consent from individuals. You can access records with specific information including how and when an individual gave consent, their understanding of how the data would be processed and requests to withdraw their consent. You can also maintain your inventory of consents and align them to specific systems included with the data map.

Incident Management

Efficiently respond to incidents, minimize impact, ensure business continuity, and enhance your overall security posture. Data Sentinel’s partnership and integration with Radarfirst allows us to provide enterprise-grade incident management that works within our data discovery, classification, and policy management technology.

AI Governance

Your one-stop shop for AI system governance. With Data Sentinel’s AI tools you can proactively identify and mitigate risks and align with regulatory requirements. Start with our AI Governance assessment tool to understand the potential compliance challenges of your existing automated decision making technologies. The platform provides actionable guidance to be considered and implemented by the organization and model development team. From there, we can help you to remediate your existing systems to meet the evolving standards and regulations. With our Bias identification technology, we can help you monitor and maintain your AI systems for compliance over the long term, providing you and your customers with the needed transparency.

DPAI / DPA Assessments

Consolidate all your information and data compliance reporting. Data Sentinel allows you to complete and maintain your Data Protection Impact Assessments and Privacy Impact Assessments all within the platform. You can also add the outputs for the automated data mapping outputs to the overall assessments, generating consolidated ROPA type reporting.

Data Sentinel also helps you answer the following questions — accurately, inexpensively, and rapidly:

What PII/PCI/PHI Data Does The Company Maintain?

You need to know the extent to which any customer’s personal, credit card, or health data are in your systems. And, you need to know that it is maintained within the policies and rules that your organization has embraced.

Are You Compliant?

Following the correct protocols isn’t just an advisory measure. As data privacy laws become ubiquitous throughout the world, companies must put in place data privacy programs and technologies to become compliant. Data Sentinel DSAR workflow will ensure compliance.

Where Does The PII/PCI/PHI Data Reside?

Regardless of whether it’s structured, unstructured, or semi-structured, on the cloud, hybrid clouds, or on premises. Oversight and on-demand access is essential.

Is Your Data Managed Within Policies?

With Data Sentinel, you will know in real time if data moves outside of policy and becomes a heightened risk to the organization. Manage and maintain your sensitive information policies within Data Sentinel and begin to manage your data risk in real time.

What Is The Financial Risk Of Your Data?

Knowing your financial exposure related to data risk and measuring it over time demonstrates improvements or degradation in risk mitigation tactics. Giving you the information you need to fix the challenges as they come up.

Will You Be Audited?

Compliance with board or industry directed data audits has been a manual and time consuming expensive endeavor. With Data Sentinel, a data audit becomes a trivial process. The entire process can be complete with the push of a button.

Our Connections Run Deep — Across Thousands Of Systems

Privacy Program Development and Management


1. Privacy Program Planning

  • Program scope definition
  • KPIs
  • Executive buy-in
  • Budget
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Data discovery priority and plan
  • Classification framework

2. Data Mapping

  • Custom classification build
  • Data discovery
  • Data classification
  • Business lineage
  • Develop PII Inventory
  • Data regionalization analysis
  • Tie into RoPA framework

3. Data Policy Creation

  • Develop the policies and rules for governing data across all systems
  • Define operational procedures
  • PIA program development
  • RoPA framework development
  • DSAR processing process development

4. Remediation

  • Data deidentification
  • Data minimization
  • Data quality

5. Awareness

  • Educate the organization
  • Get buy-in and support
  • Evangelize
  • Mentor

6. Operate

  • RoPA reporting
  • DSAR processing
  • Incident management
  • Execute PIAs
  • Refine the program

Technology Alone is Not a Solution

Our advisory services ensure that you have a privacy compliance program tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements while being integrated into existing processes, ultimately assisting you in achieving and maintaining compliance with data privacy regulations.

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Why get help?Everyone’s Data Is Different

You need the right technology and tools —
but you also need solid privacy processes and governance frameworks in place to accurately meet evolving compliance regulations for your specific industry, business, or organization. Without understanding what you need, you could fail to meet privacy requirements and comply with data protection laws and regulations. Which is costly.

We can make sure that doesn’t happen.

Pass Your Privacy Program Off To Us — We Can Handle It

Running a privacy program can often use up valuable time and man-power resources. But you don’t have to sacrifice or ignore implementing an effective program just because you’re pressed for time or missing a skilled team member to make it all fly.

With our managed services, we can implement, operate and manage it all on your behalf. With SLAs, firm deliverables and guaranteed outcomes.

We have several managed service options that cover the seven main components of a privacy program combined with advisory and consulting services.

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